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Shandong Everlast International Trading Co., Ltd. was founded on June 2014 with a registered capital of 3 million CNY.


We work closely with several successful and well-known suppliers such as Shandong Zhongyuan Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Lianmei Automobile Spring Co., Ltd., Shandong Full Automobile Spring Co., Ltd.. Each supplier has qualification, certificate or patent in their own industry, specially for Shandong Zhongyuan Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd., they have National Brand New Product Certificate for Pre-set and Load Testing Machine, Patent for Automatic Eye Rolling Machine, etc       


Our company is mainly engaged in exporting automotive vehicle springs and spring manufacturing equipments, electric transforming equipments, and also steel and aluminum fencing products. Products include wide range of leaf springs and Z-type air suspension beam, etc; leaf spring Heating/Tempering Furnace, Long/Short Taper Rolling Machine, Automatic Eye Rolling Machine, Quenching Former, Stressed/Free Shot Peening Machine, Pre-set and Load Testing Machine, Hydraulic Fatigue Tester, etc; automotive engine valve spring, suspension spring, stabilizer bar, extension spring and special-shaped spring, etc; outdoor steel/aluminum fencing, fencing accessories and raw materials, etc.


Our company has always been adhering to its business philosophy ‘Customer satisfaction is our first priority’, so we will keep doing what we have been doing -- deliver high-quality products and value-added services to all our clients, and we believe that good reputation will speak for itself.

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